Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Hummingbird is Back

My hummingbird was missing, or at least I hadn't seen him for quite some time. Maybe a cat got him, or West Nile. I was almost certain I would never see him again. That was before I made my last trip east. When I got back, he was here, waiting for me.

He hangs out on the porch, sitting on the line between posts, then swoops down to take sips from the fuschias. He has other flowers in my little side yard he visits - jasmine, abutilon, passion flower, lavender, along with several annuals that appeal to him.

When Craig was visiting, we witnessed quite a spectacle. The cats were lined up inside the sliding screen door, watching birdie drink from the fuschias, flitting from one blossom to another. All of a sudden, he turned, flew right over to the screen, at cat's eye-level, and hung there in mid-air, taunting the kitties while madly chirping at them. It was amazing to see. What a bold little guy. Must be he knew they couldn't get him. I was afraid he had done that to an outdoor kitty and disappeared forever.


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