Friday, September 24, 2004

My Garden


My garden is a riot of color, or as much as can be expected for this time of year in California. I was away for much of the summer, on two different trips, therefore it was unattended except for watering. It still managed to survive and is rather lush. I had been feeding it, more than I usually do.

My garden is a mere six feet wide, about the length of a double wide mobile home, and is a container garden. It has grown so much that the pots and various other containers are barely visible. The largest plants are hanging over my "path", and it is quite a feat to drag the hose through them for watering.

I love to visit my garden in the morning to see what new blooms I can find. Believe it or not, there is a lot of work to tend a container garden. I don't really take care of mine very well. There are many plants that need trimming and deadheading.

The hummingbird, bees, and butterflies love my garden, and hang out with me when I am watering. Maybe I am doing something right.

There are three ornate posts holding up the roof on my porch. I have a purple hardenbergia on the front post, a magenta mandevilla on the middle one, and a pink jasmine on the back post.All are in bloom right now, although the hardenbergia is about done. It blossomed earlier this year, in the winter, basically. It is also the second bloom for the jasmine. The hummingbird loves these plants, and flits from one to another.

My many begonias hang out on the porch, for shade,and have been gorgeous this year. One was so huge the pot wouldn't stay upright. Some are in hanging pots on the railing, some on a wrought iron shelf, some on an orange table. The begonias are reds, white with pink, peach with white accents, salmon, various shade of rose, and yellow. How's that for color? I see all of this whenever I look out the sliding glass doors.

More about my garden will follow someday.


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