Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The City Council last night voted to proceed with acquisition of the neighboring mobile home park. I attended so that I could see what will happen when it is time to acquire the one I live in. That particular park had only one main speaker voicing objections and questions. There were a few others in attendance, but they did not speak.

Residents of our park were there also. This will be a very large development when the city owns all of the property. I believe the city already owns the large former lumber company property between the parks. There is also a Salvation Army store and a termite extermination business that will be a part of the deal. The public hearing on the fate of my park will occur on Mar 1.

I am certain that I will be spending the rest of this year, if I have that long, getting rid of stuff, packing, and looking for another home. It is going to be a huge problem.


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