Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Gourmet Meal

Chris and Becky always present a meal to put any gourmet restaurant to shame. Chris smoked three chickens in his smaller smoker, and two salmon in his new very large smoker. The aroma and flavor alone made being there worthwhile.

Then there were mashed potatoes with a wonderful sauce, snow peas coated with a butter, sage and nut sauce, roasted tomatoes with an unusual, very tasty stuffing which included pine nuts. A log roll with toasted meringue toadstools, and a great mocha cream filling, was a Becky artistic endeavor, as was the square tart with lemon filling and red raspberries and blueberries on top. A myriad of Christmas cookies and candies was present, for a very festive holiday dinner.

This was enjoyed by Becky's family members, a friend of hers, Chris and Becky, of course, and Jim and I. Christmas in California can be great.


I neglected to mention the first course, a spectacular apple squash soup. The main ingredients were apples, butternut squash, onions and curry. After the chunks were cooked until soft, they were blended into a creamy, tangy, luscious soup.


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