Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Most people write about losing them to a dark hole somewhere, to the neverland of socks, to return no more. I am writing about shopping for them. It is more difficult for me to shop for socks than for a complete wardrobe.

This has been ongoing for the past few years. In the beginning, the problem came from being unable to purchase the usual white socks in packages of six in a type that I prefer to wear. All of a sudden, it seems that they are not being manufactured any longer. I like my socks to be cotton, the best fiber from which to make socks, in my estimation. They feel better on my feet, and my feet stay in better condition. The tops have to be a certain length, and tight elastic bands at those tops shut off my circulation. Countless trips to various stores, both here and on the East Coast, have been fruitless as far as purchasing the bags of socks that I am used to acquiring. Sometimes I make a mistake, and waste my money because I can’t wear them.

In my latest efforts, I have turned to buying single pairs of socks, and I thought I had it made because I found a few pairs that actually felt good on, fit right, and were very soft to the touch. These I chose in colors because I only found one pair of white ones. Also, they are the new larger size, meaning that they don’t get holes in the toes as easily. This also helps if there is shrinkage in laundering. The socks are 92% cotton, with the remainder of the fibers being in those that are necessary for elasticity.

On a subsequent trip to another store location, same retailer (should I say Walmart?) I bought a few more colors, only to discover after I got home, that not all socks are as they seem. Two out of the four pairs were 84% cotton, smaller when I put them on, didn’t feel soft, and made my feet perspire. They actually felt scratchy when I touched them. These had the same brand label as the ones I liked.

This week I was in yet another store, same company, and checked all the socks of that type, with that label. The cotton content ranged from 84%, through 87%, to 92%. Guess which ones I bought.


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