Friday, June 24, 2005


I haven't been doing much writing. "Bookworm" is taking up my time. I see letters and words in my sleep. My Dartmouth email buddy became addicted some long time ago, but I have just got into the game because of my kids. Craig has been playing it a lot, with a ridiculously high score, Carrie plays, and her kids are trying.

I went with Bob and the little girls to check out a lake front development yesterday - modular homes. It is very pleasant, and affordable. Supposedly they don't blow away in a hurricane. I could be tempted, but I need to check a few other places to make sure that is what I want to do. Of course, no one says I would have to stay there forever. I can imagine sitting on the screened porch overlooking the lake and watching the wonderful water birds. There are a lot of mockingbirds there, also.


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