Monday, July 25, 2005

More Bus

Delaware Water Gap – it’s really been a long time since I’ve been in this area. Quite beautiful! Nice old brick train station falling down – roof is caving in – actually consists of two buildings – 1 track.

The Poconos – honeymoon destination – still rustic- of course I can only see what is near the highway.

Binghamton – food finally – Wendy’s sour cream and chives potato – 4:30 breakfast was a stale machine sandwich in Baltimore. The rest of the day has been M&M peanuts. Good thing I bought them last week.

Kilmer’s Building Restoration in Binghamton (ask Jim about it). Is BIG commercial realtor sign on another building stating it is AVALIABLE indicative of general education level of Binghamton, birthplace of IBM?

I don’t like Binghamton. I didn’t 16 years ago, and it appears to be uglier now. Kind of a wasteland – abandoned and dilapidated houses and storefronts – dismal – would be worse in winter. There was a possibility of moving to the area back then, and I’m glad I didn’t. A lot of my stuff was stored there when I was spending winters in Florida then California, and eventually I sold a lot of it and moved the rest to the Buffalo area, then California.

There is an interesting large abandoned church – nice architecture – many windows boarded up – some stained glass remaining – weeds and vines growing up over it.

Riding from Binghamton to Ithaca, then along Cayuga Lake – didn’t see that area last year – too busy with dying mother. Last year was not a time for fun and sightseeing. Went past the end of the street of my mother’s house. Most likely I’ll never be in the house again, even though my brother managed to figure out a way to receive the house for free.

I left the bus in Geneva, NY. The station is across the road from Seneca Lake – a “new” station since last year – an old, remodeled gas station with a tile roof. Cute! My sister Dottie picked me up at 7:00 P.M. Thus started a week of busy days attending parties, traveling, sightseeing, eating out, visiting people.

The day after my arrival, we went to Penn Yan, where my four kids were born. Dottie and her husband Joe have had a big disagreement as to the location of the apartment I lived in when my first two kids were born. I pointed out the house, which is a couple of doors from the beautiful new Court House on the street. Then we went around the corner and along North Main Street, enjoying all of the Victorians, many of which are now Painted Ladies. I barely remember the wonderful old houses. Most likely I was too busy being a young mother to enjoy them as much as I could have, although it seems that people today are more involved in restoration projects than they were in the early 60’s.

The next day, Saturday, was spent preparing for the Sunday surprise 25th anniversary picnic for my youngest sister, Marty and her husband Jim. The picnic was at Sampson State Park on Seneca Lake. The day dawned bright and beautiful – a wonderful time to sit in chairs overlooking the lake, under the trees in the breeze. Dottie, Joe and I went to the park early to reserve tables and grills in a good spot, set up our chairs, and then just sat there enjoying the view and the day, while waiting for the others to show up.

Daughter Coral, Arthur, kids, and Jim C were the first to arrive, and they drove the farthest. They live near Buffalo. Brother Bruce, wife, two daughters, son-in-law, and two grandsons came. Dottie’s two offspring, one spouse, and two kids attended. Sister Jamie, her daughter Robin, son-in-law, two babies from Cincinnati, Robin’s in-laws , and Jamie’s daughter Tess, then, of course, Marty, Jim, and their three girls came at last.

It was a totally beautiful day. Everyone had a good time. The kids went swimming, and Bruce’s son-in-law brought his boat from Northern New York, so some people went for rides. The food was great, and everyone ate tons of it. Jolene, Dottie’s daughter made a gorgeous 25th Anniversary cake. She bakes professionally as a side job, and her cakes are absolute works of art.


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