Saturday, November 27, 2004


I am so proud of them.

Allie is in Spain, studying Spanish and Art History at a University in Madrid. Those are her majors. This is her third year at Duke, and she is a fantastic student. Allie is half Greek, and speaks the language. She also is studying German, and has since High School. There are more languages in her future. Allie went to Greece with her father and Greek Grandma, as soon as she became a teenager, toured Europe as part of a People to People group, went to Spain with her High School Spanish class, and is now really getting to know Spain. She has also been visiting other countries while there. She received a perfect score on her SAT's, 1600, and was Valedictorian of her Senior Class. If she reads this, she will most likely become angry.

Grace is the second grandchild. She is 12, and is in 7th grade. She is a wonderful student. She is in advanced classes, in Florida,and is in the Duke TIP program for talented students. Grace was just accepted into Florida All-State Chorus, and is also in several music groups in her school. She will go to Nashville in April to perform with one of the groups.

Meghan, her 10 year old sister, is also an exceptional student, and is doing great in school. Emily, the 6 year old in that family, attends the same school that Meghan does. She is a gifted student - reading and writing beautifully.

Carolyn is 4,and is number four girl of the Kelley girls. She has blonde curls, big blue eyes, and is tall for her age. She is a character.

Lissa is Allie's 6 year old sister. She is also a very bright girl, very pretty, with dark curls and gorgeous dark eyes that sparkle with energy and mischief.

James, the only grandson, is Allie's and Lissa's 4 year old brother. This child is a real talker and always has been. He started speaking in paragraphs, not individual words. I am sure he'll go far. He also has curls and dark eyes, sort of hazel. Allie has dark hair and eyes, therefore my blue-eyed daughter has all brown eyed children. I love their eyes.

Grace, Meghan, and Carolyn are blue-eyed blondes, and their sister Emily has brown eyes, like her dad, although they are not as dark as the eyes of Coral's clan. Carrie, their mom, has blue eyes.


Oops, I made a mistake. Emily and Lissa are 7 years old, not 6, as I stated above.


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