Thursday, December 16, 2004


Well, that was fun!

I was at the Senior Center for lunch Tuesday, and ended up with no lunch. First, I watched and listened to a group of blind youth from the Center for Living perform Christmas carols and other music. They had guitars, drums and other percussion instruments, and great voices.

After they were through performing, I walked up to the lead singer and told her she had a gorgeous voice. Shortly after I sat back down at the table, I realized I was in trouble, heart-wise. My heart was racing and pounding, I was short of breath, became red in the face, and was perspiring. It wasn’t getting better, so I decided someone should call 911.

When the medics from the fire department arrived (from around the corner), one of them put his hand on my shoulder and said he could feel it right through my back. They did all their application of instruments and said they were taking me to the hospital. That was no choice on my part, I guess. Actually, it was the ambulance personal who took me there, after everything was checked out and they got some of my history.

I’ll say one thing – those fire department guys sure are cute, and oh, so friendly. Even the other ladies at the table remarked about that.

The whole thing was so much fun – yeah really. I was becoming sort of frightened. I have never had my heart beat so hard, or in such an irregular pattern. My blood pressure was way up, although I had been put on an ACE inhibitor to reduce it two weeks ago. I spent the afternoon in the ER, getting all the usual tests. Eventually my heart settled back down, and the blood pressure was low again.

I was sent to my own doctor yesterday. She stated that she made a mistake by putting me on the ACE inhibitor, and my blood pressure was very low. It had apparently become so low the day before that my heart overcompensated and started the palpitations, then the blood pressure spiked up. So now, I am off the medication and will go back to see her in two weeks. I had more blood work yesterday, and received a call today that I have to go for a blood test tomorrow. I had blood work done in the hospital Tuesday, and a full panel done at the clinic Monday, so I have been “stuck” nearly every day this week. Black and blue all over, I am.

I have wondered why I had absolutely no energy and my legs feel like rubber; now I know why. Of course, I worked quite hard last Friday through Sunday doing my second antique show in two weeks, and thought I had over-done. At least I had a halfway decent show last weekend.


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