Thursday, March 03, 2005

Random Thoughts

We keep quarters here at home for Park residents to use for the laundromat. There is an almost constant parade of people to the door to make use of this service. Last week a very young mom and her beautiful little girl came up the steps to the porch and knocked at the sliding glass doors. Neither one of them seem to speak much English.

The curious cats, the ones that are not fraidy cats, appeared at the door to check out the little girl. She was saying gato and sliding the door, trying to walk into the room. Her mom slid the door so that it was only open a crack, and waited for the change. This week, when they returned, the gatos were trying to get close to her again, and I asked her mother if it was ok for her to come inside. She stood near the door, and three of the guys stayed close to her. Chip even stood up to her and could reach her face. I had to push him back so she wouldn’t totally freak out. When I let her back out the door, she waved goodbye to the kitties. She is just so sweet. I wonder if she will want to come in next time.


Chris and Becky took me out to dinner Saturday night for my birthday. We went to the Macaroni Grill and had a great meal. I had several phone calls earlier in the day, from offspring and two sisters, and received flowers from Allie, Lissa and James. All in all, it was a great day.


I was back at the Redevelopment Agency at City Hall today. I had heard that a notice had been delivered to Mobile Home Park residents, and I didn’t get one. I spoke with Sonia again (I really like that girl), and she stated that she had hand delivered the notices, along with Kelsey and a couple of other guys, but ran out just before they were done, and our trailer must have been one that was missed. She made copies for me and for a few of my neighbors, then we had another nice visit.

It seems that the Agency is considering an alternative to the existing proposed market-rate housing at the Circle S project site, namely replacing the existing mobile home units with manufactured homes on permanent foundations. This plan will be presented to the City Council Monday night. I definitely plan to be at the meeting.


Jamie, my sister, called me Tuesday from Sayre, PA : "I survived!" She had undergone surgery for a hip replacement a few hours earlier and said she felt fine. I don't think she felt so fine the following day.


  • At 2:25 AM, March 08, 2005, Anonymous Craig said…

    I can't imagine getting a hip replacement. My hips ache as it is, I would think the recuperation would take months.

  • At 2:12 PM, March 08, 2005, Blogger Rita Xavier said…

    I think Dottie said six months in her favorite chair. Jamie felt good the day she got the surgery, but not too great after that.


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