Friday, March 04, 2005


A couple of weeks ago, I ate lunch at the Senior Center with a visitor to our community from Cape Cod. We were having the normal conversation, “Yes, I have been there and I love that area – how long have you lived there?” We talked all around and in and out of the New England thing. I spoke of a favorite photo I took of my youngest as a little tiny kid standing in water so clear that stones sparkled and showed clearly in the picture.

“B” was staying with a friend here for a month, and had decided to come to the Senior Center and check it out. We finally get to the best part of the lunchtime conversation. She is Tribal Chairwoman of a tribe that is part of the Wampanoag. I can not remember the name of the tribe, but she is trying to acquire recognition so that she can do something with the 90 acre reservation that she inherited near New Bedford. "B" did state that she doesn’t really have the energy at her age to do much along those lines, but is interested in finding out at much as she can.

“B” is an educated woman. “The younger members of the family have been able to attend Harvard and MIT for free, but I had to pay my own way through college.” She was a science and phys ed teacher.

We discussed other tribes in New England, including the one that started Fox Woods Casino in Connecticut. She is very familiar with that group, and has the books written about the subject. "B" did state that she has file boxes full of information on her own tribe, and hopes to compile it in some manner in the future.

It has been quite some time since I spoke with someone that is so interesting. The strange thing is that she reminds me very much of my sister Jamie; her voice, appearance, mannerisms. I told her that, and she seemed pleased. I saw her a couple of times after that, before she returned to Cape Cod.

I was standing in line at Walgreen’s, and "B" called my name – she was in line a few people back. I also saw her at the Senior Center once again. She was leaving, and I was arriving, on a nasty, rainy Saturday afternoon. At least I have her business card, with an email address, so that I can keep in touch.


Tuesday, a group of Russians studying dentistry joined us for lunch at the Senior Center. They seemed to have a good time, and obviously enjoy hanging out with each other. The men outnumbered the women 4 to 1, but it was nice to see the fresh, fairly young faces. Our mayor was with the group for a bit. I wonder what wonderful parts of San Pablo they were touring. That’s a joke, but actually there are some pretty places here, including our own City Hall area, next door (across a footbridge over Wildcat Creek) to the Senior Center.


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