Friday, May 20, 2005


The weather was nasty – cold, rainy and windy. We sat under a huge tent with no sides, the wind whipping around and making everyone want to cuddle. This was supposed to be California, in mid-May, no less.

The Seniors of the state, along with some persons on disability, had gathered for a Rally on the lawn directly in front of the Capitol. There were many speakers, from various organizations, and from the political scene. We had traveled to Sacramento on buses, and luckily, our group from San Pablo was provided with wonderful sandwiches at no cost to us, along with chips and drinks. A woman from Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia’s office was with us, although she had been on a bus with another group, and handed out the sandwiches. She sat right in front of me and kept track of my needs (my sandwich was a bit sloppy and she kept handing me napkins). I must say, she was a very personable woman. Later, she and I had a nice conversation.

I took time out in the morning to go into the building to sneak a peak at the Rotunda area. I absolutely love old buildings. I was very impressed with the Capitol. There are many offices that have been restored to their appearance in the early 1900’s, and they are wonderful to behold. Of course, the Rotunda is magnificent.

After lunch under the tent, Joan, from the County Supervisor’s office, asked if we would like to see the Chambers, and of course, we all said yes. We followed her into the building, so I had a chance to see the areas that I had missed earlier. When we first entered the Capitol, we went to the fourth floor to a meeting room to listen to our representatives in the legislature speak. Then we toured parts of the building; the Senate and Assembly Chambers; various offices – meeting people that worked there. It was all very interesting and exciting to me, as I had once been very involved in the political scene and it brought back fond memories, making me feel young again.

I was very pleased that the building was so beautiful to see, definitely worth spending a day or three checking everything out. I wish I had more time to read everything in the areas that were designated as museums, and peruse all the old photos.

A good friend was my companion on the bus, and for the whole day listening to speeches and touring the building, so that was also a plus. We have like interests, and both appreciate the finer things of life (the artistic things).

Maybe one day, I’ll have a chance to finish my tour of the California State Capitol. As of right now, I would certainly love to do that.


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