Monday, August 08, 2005

East Aurora

The day after the anniversary luncheon, I headed to East Aurora, on a Greyhound bus. Coral and James picked me up in Buffalo, and we headed back to E A so we could pick up Lissa at day camp. That was on a Thursday afternoon, and on Friday I spent the better part of the day with Arthur and James. We went to Warsaw - New York, that is - so that Arthur could deliver papers to the courthouse there, with the plan that he, James and I could then look around town for something to do. Warsaw is a neat old town in the beautiful rolling hillsides of Western New York.

Unfortunately, just as we arrived in town, there was a downpour, and James and I didn’t even get out of the car. We drove around the “Historical Section” and viewed the great old Victorians, then headed back to East Aurora for lunch. It wasn’t even raining there.

I was so happy to see oldest granddaughter Allie during my few days in town. She was very busy working at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, as a summer intern, and also as a paid employee. Allie put in long days, six days a week, preparing for a totally special exhibit, Extreme Abstraction.

On Saturday, Coral, Lissa, James and I went to Buffalo, to the Marina. I had made reservations on the Miss Buffalo, for a Niagara River tour. We had time to eat hot dogs at the Marina, before embarking on our “cruise”. The day was gorgeous, and the tour was interesting. It even included a trip into the lock at the end of the Erie Canal, and a ride through the Black Rock Channel.

After the cruise, we had ice cream at the Marina, then walked a short distance to the Naval Park. The decision to tour the two ships and submarine there was a great one. The kids loved it, and Coral and I did, also. The ships and sub are all from World War II – “The Sullivans”, the “USS Little Rock”, and the “Croaker” (submarine). I must say, I got quite a workout, going up and down the stairs on the ships, and stepping through the hatches without tripping and breaking my neck. It was almost unbearably hot down in the holds. The submarine is so small, it makes one feel extremely claustrophobic. What an experience!

James is five years old. After we had walked to the Naval Park, he sat down on the sidewalk and said he didn’t want to tour the ships because he was too tired, but once he got started following the yellow line, he was ahead of us all the way. We had to keep telling him to slow down and wait for us.


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