Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Singing the Blues

Today was interesting and enjoyable. I went to the Richmond Health Clinic for a lunch hour presentation for Black History Month. There is a great art exhibit of portraits of Blues artists. The work is wonderful and is done by a couple of artists. Both men were at the clinic and gave interesting speeches.

A local poet read one of her poems, and there was live music by two different keyboard musicians and a woman singing the Blues while accompanied by one of the musicians. She apparently recently retired from working at the Clinic. Her voice is great, and the whole audience loved her lively renditions. It was standing room only, and I was really happy to see how many of my acquaintances from the Clinic were in attendance.

The audience consisted of mostly employees of the Clinic: nurses, doctors, technicians, pharmacists, office help, and all of the other people that work to keep this wonderful clinic in great running order.

Lunch was served – a potluck for the employees, food that they retrieved from their lunchroom, and a couple of tables full of meats, cheeses, fancy crackers, and fruit for the rest of us.

There have been many great exhibits on the walls and in the showcase at the Clinic, on a variety of topics. The main purpose is to educate the patients, and to laud the accomplishments of the local residents, whether it relates to the history of the area, or the contributions brought to the area from the residents’ homelands. This area truly has a multicultural makeup. Employees and patients are from all areas of the world.


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