Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Up for Condemnation


Came home Monday night from a senior trip to Jackson, near Sutter Creek, to find a notice I should have the mobile home cleaned for inspection at 9:00 A.M. the next morning. I think the city hopes to condemn this mobile home park, as they plan to acquire it. There have been plans in the works to enlarge San Pablo Casino, half a block from here, into a monster casino. The original plans were to enlarge to become the third largest casino in the country, bigger than anything in Las Vegas. This is on hold, for the moment, until the legislature returns in December. The scramble is on - owning desirable property is the name of the game. The city purchased a large parcel next to our mobile home park, and desires the trailer park on the other side of that property, also.

I was so upset about having to rush around here and totally clean up this place, that I fussed and fumed for hours. I was very busy all last week, preparing for Petaluma street faire. Also went to the clinic three times, and had a heart monitor on for 24 hours - taking time away from things I had to do.

Got up at 2:00 A.M. Sunday to go to Petaluma, didn't get back until 8:30 P.M. Got up Monday at 4:00 A.M. to go to Jackson, and had plans to go with the seniors again yesterday at 8:00 A.M. That leaves two days left for preparing for a three day antique show at Marin City Civic Center.

Trying to fix up this place in that period was basically impossible.
There are boxes all over the place. I have been deleting hundreds of books from Amazon, and sorting many boxes, with the idea of selling them at a flea market, or in bulk. I won't get into all the other things I need to clean up around here.

I went on the trip to the cheese factory yesterday in Sonoma, anyway. I decided I would deal with the cleaning later - we had already asked Homero, the park manager, to give us a bit of time.

Well, Jim let him in while I was gone, anyway. So, I am not cleaning today or tomorrow, except for basics. I have been repairing jewelry all day today. I sold many pieces Sunday. Costume jewelry is "hot" again, thanks to fall fashion mags, and women want to do the "in" thing -purchase a group of brooches to wear on a suit jacket. One customer purchased four groups, plus 21 pairs of earrings. Yay!! I worked hard, but it was a great day, and I hope to see a repeat this weekend.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

You Should Try It


Linaria Purpurea 'Canon Went' "pink" (Toadflax) for those of you who desire something a bit different in your perennial beds - tiny delicate pale pink blossoms in masses on spikes, up to three feet tall. They are prolific and took over a huge planter that Chris and Becky bought me for Mother's Day, when they signed me up for a container gardening class at Annie's Annuals. They have been a delight all summer.

My first cyclamen blossom is out - a white one. I have many, in a variety of colors, large and small. They will keep me company all winter, on my porch and in my garden.

San Pablo Latino Heritage Day


San Pablo organizations sponsored a Latino Heritage Day, two blocks away. I walked there to spend a couple of hours enjoying - the food, the music, my friends. It was a small event, but then, San Pablo is a small city. I actually know people here.

Ate pupusas - haven't had any for quite some time. I am always thirsty for a long time after. Bought a raffle ticket for a trip to Cancun, but I doubt I won.



The ride to Colusa was interesting, flat land between the Sierra and the Coastal Ranges, totally different than what I am surrounded with here - Bay waters and hills. There are fields and nut orchards along the highway. It must be pretty in the spring.

Two San Pablo Recreation Department buses made the trip, loaded with seniors. As we got closer to Colusa, which is on the Sacramento River, a strange shaped mountain loomed nearby. From my vantage point, it seemed to be all rock, no vegetation. Perhaps that was because it is autumn. I must get closer to that place someday and check it out.

In the distance - snow capped mountains. There was snow in the Sierra over last weekend. I usually see the area surrounding Donner Pass. This, however, was further north, and one peak stood out as being particularly high. I think it was Mt. Lassen, at over 10,000 feet, but perhaps not. I'll have to check that out someday, also. At any rate, it was beautiful, on a perfect, sunny day.

Colusa is a small city with Victorians and other large houses. There is civic pride evident, and the ride through town always elicits oohs and aahs, at least from old people, or those who can not live in big, old houses. I think there are none right where I live. Remarks made : looks like the East Coast, or looks like the South.

Oh, well.

Friday, September 24, 2004

My Garden


My garden is a riot of color, or as much as can be expected for this time of year in California. I was away for much of the summer, on two different trips, therefore it was unattended except for watering. It still managed to survive and is rather lush. I had been feeding it, more than I usually do.

My garden is a mere six feet wide, about the length of a double wide mobile home, and is a container garden. It has grown so much that the pots and various other containers are barely visible. The largest plants are hanging over my "path", and it is quite a feat to drag the hose through them for watering.

I love to visit my garden in the morning to see what new blooms I can find. Believe it or not, there is a lot of work to tend a container garden. I don't really take care of mine very well. There are many plants that need trimming and deadheading.

The hummingbird, bees, and butterflies love my garden, and hang out with me when I am watering. Maybe I am doing something right.

There are three ornate posts holding up the roof on my porch. I have a purple hardenbergia on the front post, a magenta mandevilla on the middle one, and a pink jasmine on the back post.All are in bloom right now, although the hardenbergia is about done. It blossomed earlier this year, in the winter, basically. It is also the second bloom for the jasmine. The hummingbird loves these plants, and flits from one to another.

My many begonias hang out on the porch, for shade,and have been gorgeous this year. One was so huge the pot wouldn't stay upright. Some are in hanging pots on the railing, some on a wrought iron shelf, some on an orange table. The begonias are reds, white with pink, peach with white accents, salmon, various shade of rose, and yellow. How's that for color? I see all of this whenever I look out the sliding glass doors.

More about my garden will follow someday.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Working Hard


Sitting here repairing jewelry for the Petaluma Antique Street Faire Sunday. The cats are napping; classical music is on 102.1; my work table faces the windows with Mt. Tam in the distance; an occasional breeze floats through. Hot under the magnifying bench light, however.

My Hummingbird is Back

My hummingbird was missing, or at least I hadn't seen him for quite some time. Maybe a cat got him, or West Nile. I was almost certain I would never see him again. That was before I made my last trip east. When I got back, he was here, waiting for me.

He hangs out on the porch, sitting on the line between posts, then swoops down to take sips from the fuschias. He has other flowers in my little side yard he visits - jasmine, abutilon, passion flower, lavender, along with several annuals that appeal to him.

When Craig was visiting, we witnessed quite a spectacle. The cats were lined up inside the sliding screen door, watching birdie drink from the fuschias, flitting from one blossom to another. All of a sudden, he turned, flew right over to the screen, at cat's eye-level, and hung there in mid-air, taunting the kitties while madly chirping at them. It was amazing to see. What a bold little guy. Must be he knew they couldn't get him. I was afraid he had done that to an outdoor kitty and disappeared forever.