Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My Brain is Mush


That's what happens when you get up early every day to do a three day antique show, especially when business is not great.

It is good, however, to visit with dealer friends and regular customers. Some of my customers for that particular show did not come, but some did, so it was pleasant.

Marin Civic Center is a wonderfully interesting Frank Lloyd Wright building, and the exhibit hall is across a duck and geese covered "lake" from the main building. There is also an auditorium for music events.

Sunday morning, before opening up at the show for the day, we went to the Marin Farmers' Market, one of my favorite things to do on a show morning. It is a particularly fine market, even just for wandering. The flowers are always great, with interesting and unusual plants. Baked goods are in order, and any fresh, organic produce that will stand a day in the van.

Bell peppers of every imaginable color - spilling out over a table on a vibrant cover; tiny potatoes in several colors; varied squash and gourds; the bounties of California in fruits and vegetables artfully displayed in every booth... Cheeses; jams and jellies; figs; meats; herbs, and several booths full of many types of bread and other baked goods...

A new booth at the market is run by a couple who make various flavors of creme brulee. The lavender is to die for. I didn't feel like leaving a deposit on a ramekin (all sizes and shapes) because I only go there every three months, so I settled for a mouth watering piece of key lime pie. The husband is from Nottingham originally, and his wife is from South Africa. She got tired of the corporate world, so started making creme brulee. A delightful couple...


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