Thursday, October 21, 2004



More cat stories: Silver is Sapphire's litter mate, and weighs the same - around 18 pounds. When the Mama cat had that litter, I saw her carrying the kittens from a boat at a guy's trailer to a new hiding place, under a trailer near me. Silver was the first kitten I saw. Even though he was only a few days old, he seemed to be a hefty little white cuddly thing. Sapphire was the next one to be carried. He was also white and squirming so much that she dropped him several times.

Eventually, Mama brought them under my porch steps, after taking them to several locations. There was also a tabby, but she forgot to bring that one to my house and I didn't know it existed. My neighbor brought it to me the morning after the mama moved them here. She had heard it crying in the night and went to investigate in the morning, finding it by reaching through a hole in a shed. We brought all three babies in the house, as a raccoon was hanging around the steps, and discovered that the kitten we named Sapphire was the runt and couldn't eat - I had to bottle feed him. The tabby only survived for a week; he had pneumonia.

Many people wanted these babies when they saw them. We took them in a carrier to antique shows so that we could take care of them all of the time. Silver was so funny. I would put both tiny kittens on a newspaper on a table, after Sapphire could eat out of a dish, and the two would eat opposite each other. Silver would inevitably fall asleep with his face in the food, sucking loudly. We started calling him "Doofus".

He is still the same cat that we met when he was a kitten. Just the color has changed. Both kittens went through the period of getting their Siamese points, except that Sapphire resembled a Siamese more than Silver did. Both cats became grey adults, but Silver is more silver. He has some tabby markings, on his forehead, and tail. His blue eyes are crossed, and he has a hard time seeing things that you hold out to him.

Much of the time, he reminds us of a cougar - his face, and his walk. He is aggressive toward the others, but is a sweetheart with us - a big baby, always wanting attention. He is very photogenic, but is still a doofus, a booby. He falls off the bed or couch - rolls right off. He is the biggest talker of all the cats and won't stop talking until you answer him and give him lots of cuddles.


  • At 9:41 AM, October 23, 2004, Blogger Kitten said…

    Great one, Rita. I love your stories about your kitties.
    I have always been partial to siamese and himalayans too...such talkers, such purrrrsonality!



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