Monday, October 18, 2004

More Flowers


Annie's Annuals held a Fall Planting Party this past weekend, so I decided to go on Saturday. I was going to buy one plant, but ended up with almost a tray full of 4" pots, then went back later for more. There were refreshments, games, prizes, two guys playing steel drums, face painting for the kids, and a large, cheerful crowd of people oohing and aahing over unusual plants.

You use little red wagons to load up with your treasures, and I was stopped many times by men and women asking about the items I had in mine - "Oh, that's beautiful, - what is it?" "Where did you find it?" It is a great way to start conversations.

I am sure my hummingbird will love some of my selections. I chose at least three salvias - one almost electric blue. One is a beautiful blend of pink and mauve. A tall, single, bright red dahlia is a showstopper. I have it just outside my sliding glass doors on the porch so I can see it all the time.

It is night as I write this, and I can't even remember what I bought. I'll have to check in the daylight hours and write another note. I did get a white passion flower with purple center. The one I had already is a purple one. I also got a new, for me, digitalis - foxglove. It is strawberry colored. Mine that I have had for a couple of years (it has spread like crazy in the pot) is white.

Several other new items, in my little garden, are sure to give me lots of pleasure. I am running out of room, though.


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