Friday, November 26, 2004

It's Been Touch and Go

...and they are not out of the woods yet. It may have been a mistake transplanting my avocado trees. There are six of them and I grew them from avocado pits. I have been meaning to dig them out of all the flower pots they are in. I had stuck the pits in separate pots where other plants were already growing. It took a long time, but eventually they sprouted, and some of them became fairly tall, nice trees, crowded into pots with plants that had also grown a lot.

It was quite an operation digging them out of the pots, or in some cases, totally emptying the pots and transplanting everything, after separating the avocados from the other plants. This involved chopping off some of the roots, and the trees did not respond well to that. I planted them all in a huge, very tall container, to make an avocado grove. Almost immediately after planting them in the container, they started drooping, and then I came in the house to look up everything I could find on avocados, or transplanting trees, to see what I did wrong. I did read that tree roots can not be allowed to dry out, even for a few minutes, but these trees had a fairly good amount of dirt around the roots when I planted them.

Every day they droop, especially the top leaves, then they perk up during the night, only to droop again the next day. At this point, it is a longer period between droopings, so maybe they'll make it. I sure hope so. They are attractive trees, and I would like to have all of them survive. I'll find out whether or not I have a green thumb at all.


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