Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It Must Have Been the Walnuts

One day recently I looked in the mirror - "What the....? My teeth are black, and my gums are, too. Even my crowns are black!"

The last time that happened was after receiving massive doses of IV antibiotics while in the hospital with pneumonia. Well, I haven't been on antibiotics, and have not been taking any new medications, therefore I had to try to figure out what caused this latest problem.

"Maybe a change in toothpaste caused it? Or the use of blue mouth wash? I have been eating a large amount of walnuts that I bought from a man at the Marin Farmers' Market."

They were so good, freshly picked the week I bought them.

I stopped eating the walnuts, and also discontinued use of the mouthwash. It took a few weeks, but my teeth are back to normal. Tonight I ate two walnuts, stirred into mixed berry yogurt. Hopefully, my teeth won't get black after eating just two of them.


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