Friday, November 05, 2004

Catching Up

On Election Day, I went to the polls right after opening hour, then returned home and spent many hours working with my plants. It was a beautiful day, very warm, and I decided I should try to get as much outside work done as possible. I can't believe that there is so much work to do when my "garden" is strictly a container garden.

I moved huge plants to different locations, and repotted several others into much larger containers. The Boston fern was a huge undertaking, because it is unbelievably large and had outgrown its fancy California pottery container long ago. I thought I might have to break the pottery piece, but I managed to salvage it. I guess I'll put my oxalis that I love so much in that pot.

I have other ferns, each one different.Some are volunteers. I have always liked ferns. They are very happy living under my porch roof, summer and winter. I have much more work to do with the plants, more rearranging so I have a better path through the plants, and more transplanting.

It is a good thing that I spent the time that day, as the weather took a definite turn for the worse the following day. It got very nasty around here. Since then, I have been doing the usual puttering in the house, cleaning, and taking care of merchandise.

Lunch at the Senior Center some of the days, and attending my writing class, and then the week is gone, again. I sold at Alemany Flea Market in South San Francisco last Sunday, and this Sunday is a day at Alameda Antique Show, on the site of the former Naval Air Station. All of this has meant getting up earlier than normal for me. I am almost getting used to it.


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