Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter and so forth

Easter Sunday was spent doing many odd jobs around the house, with an excursion to Home Town Buffet for breakfast. Several people that I know had the same idea. It is rather pleasant going to a restaurant and finding that you know people that are there – kind of like a get-together.

Other than the breakfast deal, the rest of the day was spent like many others around here, with a couple of loads of laundry before breakfast, then sorting more stuff, and eventually repairing jewelry for the next show. I had hoped to sell on Easter, but rain was forecast, so I blew it off. I truly need to get rid of all the boxes full of things that I have piled in the living room. They are driving me wacky.

I have listened to Allie’s Easter chapel service several times already. It is available online on the Duke University Chapel website, in streaming media. Allie is an alto in the choir, and I have been able to see her when the camera is working just right. The music throughout the service was absolutely beautiful, actually awesome at times, with the choir, brass, tympani, and organ. That is why I have watched and listened to it so often. I wish more people would check it out, especially family members.

Today was another day of about the same thing, except no restaurant breakfast. I like it when I make some headway on jewelry repairs. I have many plastic boxes full yet – purchases made in years past. I’ll be so happy when they are done, even though I generally enjoy the work. It does get frustrating when I can’t find the right stones, however.

Tomorrow will be spent with the seniors, on a shopping trip. I look forward to enjoying lunch with everyone. That is one of the main reasons I go. I am not into shopping that much, but I’ll probably pick up something I need.


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