Saturday, August 27, 2005


Taking a break from writing about my return trip to California last month.

This week this computer has been to see the doctor - a basically three day confinement. All kinds of problems had cropped up, not the least of which, I couldn't do anything on the internet other than receive email. Needless to say, there was no writing done on here, or anywhere else. It was getting a bit hairy, as ebay and amazon needed some attention, and I wanted to catch up on everyone's blog.

Now, I have more memory (and I can get online), a new optic mouse (freebie) because they managed to lose the software for my scroll mouse and couldn't figure out how to reinstall it, and new virus management. Plus, they physically cleaned all the dust and dirt from the guts of this thing. It was quite a build-up. This is an almost ancient computer. Now, it is almost like new, except that a few things are missing. Probably no great loss, however.

It was a bit scary yesterday when it wouldn't recognize my new keyboard that I purchased a few months ago. The old one with the broken spacer bar worked, and I had horrible images of having to revert to that one, but finally something clicked, upon shutting down, and the new one is now in use (whew!).

This mouse is noisy. It's funny, you get used to something, and don't want to change.


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