Friday, November 11, 2005

Feral Cat

Mama cat is feral, even though she has lived in here for several years now. She swats everyone; all cats, and humans. Her claws are lethal. She is not a friendly person, even though she sometimes follows me around to see what I am doing.

For the past few days, she has decided that my spot on the couch is her sleeping place. As all cats do, she picks a place for snuggling up, and that is where she goes until she feels as though she needs a change, then she moves on to a different location. She has been sleeping all curled up on the two pillows that I use for TV watching, to rest my back against the arm of the couch.

Last night I decided that I was ready to view a couple of my favorites, but she was still there. I figured that when I started up the vacuum cleaner to get the cat hair off the couch and pillows, she would leave. Wrong! I vacuumed all around her, right up to the pillows, along the back of the couch, and the arm, plus the love seat, which is at right angles to the couch. I also cleaned off the table that is used for a cup of tea, remote, etc. She didn’t budge – she just watched me. I thought perhaps she would lash out at my hand, but she didn’t. The other cats would have taken off with the cleaner that close, but not good ole Mama.

So, that ploy didn’t work. I couldn’t get her off the couch, and I didn’t really want to chase her off. It is hard enough to get her so she isn’t afraid of people. When the first program came on, I decided to try to sit beside her and see what happened. She remained there, right beside me. Then four cats piled on top of me or on the other side, and she still held her position. She doesn’t like those guys, and usually hisses and growls at them, but not a sound, and eventually she curled up and started snoring. Of course, I am usually protecting her from them, so I guess she figured she was safe with me in the middle.


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