Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More on Carol

I have received more details about Carol's illness. She spent her first hospital visit in Cuzco, for a month, and doctors have decided that she had a heart attack while she was there. She was sent home, and spent some time lying on the couch, unable to do anything. She was tired all of the time, and had a hard time breathing.

When her condition deteriorated, her father took her to the hospital in Lima. He left to get a hotel room, and when he got back to the hospital, he was informed that she had died. Apparently the doctors have now decided that she always had a heart condition, causing her death. She did have thyroid disease, also.

And, I mistakenly stated that Barbara had said the doctors in Peru are good, but she had in fact told me before that they are not great, at least not like they are here in the US.

Carol had a good job with the Department of Education.


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