Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's For The Birds

Yesterday, after I watered the flowers and gave them a good shower, I decided to do some trimming of dead branches and blossoms. I was working in the tree, trying to cut a very tall dead part of the orange abutilon, when the two hummingbirds decided to join me.

They had a great time, drinking from the passionflower blossoms, which climb all through the tree. Taking time out to sit on branches, they were no more than a foot away from me. I merely stood very still and watched them, totally enjoying my little slice of nature. They have made dealing with flower pots on a six-foot wide strip of asphalt well worth while. Of course, you can't even see the asphalt, because the plants are so close and they are actually sittng on a piece of cheap astro-turf.


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