Monday, October 17, 2005

Letting Go

At long last…I am learning to get rid of, I mean REALLY get rid of stuff. Today, it was a trip to the Salvation Army next door with many books, six or eight large boxes. Tomorrow it will be more of the same. I finally gave up yesterday, after sitting for hours, from 5:00 A.M., trying to sell more dollar books, after paying $45 for the privilege, and selling a mere four of them. Other sales did not amount to much, either, therefore I returned home in a very bad mood. I am too old for this, and the health is not too great, either, so it is starting to get to be time to enjoy myself. When I first learned of my heart problem, and was adjusting to medications, I temporarily put the flea market, antique show thing on hold, but now I have been right back out there every week, killing myself, probably literally.

I want all of this crap to be over with, and to be able to get on with my life in a decent house. I have been taking bags and boxes of stuff next door to the S.A., and the amount of items I take there will increase dramatically, as I let go. It might not even hurt a bit.


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