Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My hummingbird is NOT a hummingbird. It is TWO hummingbirds. They were both in my "garden" a bit ago, together. I always wondered why sometimes Hummer seemed to have less ruby on his throat. I was also surprised the other day when he seemed to return to the flowers immediately after taking off over the roof. I even saw him sitting on an antenna in the next row of mobile homes.

Spotted Kitty has been sleeping in a flower bowl on a low table, right beside some of the passionflower vine. I discovered him yesterday, when I heard him sneeze and saw movement in the plants. You have to remember that my garden is so overgrown with huge plants, some of them trailing all over the place, that it is hard to spot a Spotted Kitty. After he and Siamese Kitty walked away, I placed a pot upside down in the flower bowl, where he had flattened the plants. I have to keep him from eating the birds. Now I will truly have to figure out where to put two cat beds. Rainy season will be upon us soon. I don't know if they would share an area under the porch.

I can't have any more cats in the house. I have seven now, and I also can't take on any more financial burdens - vet bills, horribly expensive food, and tests for cat diseases.


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