Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm Going to School


Big joke! Actually, when I was at the senior center for lunch today, the Mexican lady who runs the place talked me into signing up for a free English class, creative writing I guess. It will be taught at the center every Thursday until December, by a teacher from Contra Costa College. She kept saying, come on, it will be fun. She also told me that if it works out, she'll try to get us signed up for something else.

I said Spanish would be good, as I understand some, and can read things, but would like to be a lot more proficient. It would definitely come in handy around here, as I am surrounded by Spanish speaking peoples wherever I go (and where I live). I can understand my friend Barbara when she speaks to Jose, who is from Peru.

Wow, I get nervous when I think about signing up for something that I have to do EVERY week. Oh, well. We'll see how I like it.


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