Sunday, October 24, 2004



Wow! I spent a lot of the day watching movies yesterday. I went to see "Shall We Dance?", starring Richard Gere. Great way to spend a rainy afternoon. I loved the movie - dance is a particular favorite. I thought Gere was great, and J Lo is also a wonderful dancer. There were a few surprises for me as far as the dancing goes - Stanley Tucci was amazing, and a former buddy from a favorite TV show, Third Watch, Bobby Cannavale, also did an admirable job on the dance floor. The setting, Chicago, was of particular interest to me because I always go sightseeing there when I am taking the train from Buffalo to California. I have a five or six hour layover on the trip west.

Last night I watched two good movies on TV. "The Rising Place" was about an unwed mother in the South during World War II. Then, the blockbuster "Henry V", with a young Kenneth Branagh, kept my interest for over two hours. I am able to totally immerse myself in Shakespeare. I love the flow of the words. I do not live in Buffalo any longer, therefore I can not go to Shakespeare in the Park. This has become a summer institution, initiated while I was living there. The kids and I could walk there, as Delaware Park was a block away, and we went to the performances of each play more than once.

I do not usually watch so many movies in one day, but I still managed to work on projects and get some housework done.


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