Thursday, October 28, 2004


Onyx is my almost Halloween kitty. He is a tuxedo cat; black with white feet, neck and belly. He is so amazingly lovable.

Onyx is from another of Mama cat's litters. We gave a litter to a young couple, one that was between Silver and Sapphire, and Onyx and his litter mates. His early life was quite interesting, to say the least. When he was still outside, as a tiny guy, my neighbor came to the house with him and a brother. She said she was keeping the brother, who is a Siamese mix, and I should take the tuxedo kitty to the animal shelter.

I kept him in the house for a day or two, but then took him to the shelter. I was asked whether or not he had bitten me, and I said only kitten bites. I found out within a day or so, that the shelter would only try to find a home for him the first day, then put him to sleep. I called them and said I wanted him back and was told that he was in quarantine for ten days because he bit me.

I waited for the ten days, then showed up on their doorstep before opening time, so that I would be able to get him back. That was a real hassle. They told me I needed ID, proof that I was the one that took him there. After all that was solved, I went back to the cage area, and there he was with a big sign on his cage - BITER. How did they expect anyone to adopt him?

When he saw me, he started pacing back and forth, crying and crying. This, after only having known me for a day or so, almost two weeks earlier. The shelter attendant even remarked about his reaction to me. He had lost weight, and really was a pound kitty. He weighed one pound, according to the vet where we took him for a checkup. It cost me quite a bit of money to buy back the kitten that I had taken there in the first place. I held him all the way home and he was such a happy kitten.

Onyx has had some health problems, basically urinary tract blockages, and has spent some time in the hospital. When he was there for four days, he wouldn't speak to us when we would go visit. The vet had told us to visit him every day, and also asked us to try to get him to eat. When I got him home, he spent very much time on my lap, and still does. He is still a fairly young cat.

He is an expensive kitty, and is responsible for a big cat food bill. He needs special food, so we feed all of the cats that food, to facilitate matters. This is to prevent further urinary problems.

I do love him, though. His fur is so silky. He is too slippery to hang on to when you are trying to pick him up. He is very huggable. He is my almost Halloween kitty.


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