Monday, September 26, 2005

Dear Allie

I really do miss you. I have been thinking about you most of the time. I constantly wonder what you are doing, and what it is like to be there at Duke.

Is there anything I can do to help you with your research for your thesis? Maybe there is something that I can look for out here. Also, I’ll be seeing my Greek friend from Sacramento this weekend. She’ll be doing the show that I am doing at Marin Civic Center. She was a university student in the past, I believe, before she came to this country, and she speaks many languages. Maybe you would like to correspond with her. She is the one who has been following your high school and college progress. I also have another Greek acquaintance that I see on occasion at the flea markets. If there is anything I can ask them, let me know.

I hope you start to find the information you need for your work.

Take care of yourself. Winter will be upon you before you know it. Don’t catch cold.



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