Saturday, April 08, 2006

The More I Am Here the Better I Like It

Yesterday found me at the de Young again. I have now been there, at least in the building, five times since October. Not bad, considering the problem of getting there in the first place.

I visited the Art & Crafts exhibit again, to concentrate more closely on the items, and the descriptions. I missed more of the small items than I thought I had. There are some really incredible pieces in the exhibit, pieces that I would love to have in my home. That is if I had a really nice place, like the house in Buffalo. Items in this show would have been wonderful in the Buffalo house, which had Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. It was around the corner from a documented Wright house, which is seen in at least one of the volumes on his buildings. I decorated with several Arts & Crafts period furniture pieces, although I believe none had the “important” labels.

Another reason I went to the de Young was in response to an email I had received from the Education Department notifying me of the Friday Night at the New de Young program for last night. I was so happy that I bothered to go to this event. Four Strings Tango (Quartet) entertained with an all Argentina Music event, including a lovely young couple dancing to some of the pieces performed. It was a cozy evening in a room filled with an attentive audience, a rather informal event with seating along the sides of the room, and on the floor, the Quartet playing against a wall of glass with the noiseless rain and wind a mere backdrop to the comfort of the interior.

Four Strings Tango, with Abraham Becker music director, used instruments made by Peter Van Arsdale of Berkeley, two violins, a viola and a cello. Mr. Van Arsdale also demonstrated violin making last night, in the Free Zone outside the individual galleries. There were several events happening in that area. The new building makes great use of its spaces, drawing in the public, getting them involved in many aspects of the art world. I was wishing that I could live in the city, further enabling me to make use of the fine arts facilities and becoming involved in things I love.


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